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EU law still stands in the UK until it best online shopping sites for women's clothing ceases being a member. But there is currently uncertainty about how final the break will be on that day - a number of UK and EU figures back the idea of having a "transition" period of up to three years to allow a smooth implementation of whatever Brexit deal is negotiated and minimise disruption to businesses and holidaymakers etc. Unpicking 43 years of treaties and agreements history of online shopping covering thousands of different subjects was never going to be a straightforward task. It is further complicated by the fact that it has never been done before and negotiators will, to some extent, be making it up as they go along. The post-Brexit trade deal is likely to be the most complex part of the negotiation because it needs the unanimous approval of more than 30 national and regional parliaments across Europe, some of whom may want to hold referendums. So why can't the UK just cut all ties in March 2019? The UK could cut all ties, but Theresa May and others would like to avoid such a "cliff-edge" where current regulations on things like cross-border trade and travel between the UK and the EU ends overnight. They think it would harm the economy. What is the focus of negotiations between the UK and EU?

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